Mike Laskowsky, Operations Manager, United Wireless

Network Operations Manager

“Why’d you move here?”

It’s a question Mike gets asked a lot in Dodge City. Mike grew up in the D.C. area and spent time in Denver before relocating to Southwest Kansas to work for United.

“I really like being part of everything that’s going on here,” he says of the community’s small-town atmosphere. “My family and I are very happy here.”

Mike has really taken to the area and been active in the community by serving on the Community Facilities Advisory Board for Dodge City.

At United, Mike works as the Network Operations Manager, where he oversees the technicians, engineers, and plants for the wireless, telephone, and cable operations.

Mike has worked in the wireless industry for 25 years — basically since it first started — and has seen a lot during that time. He is especially proud to be working at United, one of the first local-level telecommunications companies to roll out LTE.

“We are on the cutting edge of technology,” he says. “I enjoy helping this area grow communications-wise. It’s exciting to be a part of bringing technological advances to Southwest Kansas.”