Jeff Renner, Sales & Marketing Manager, United Wireless

Customer Operations Manager

If you’ve liked United Wireless on Facebook, seen or heard a United Wireless advertisement, or visited a United Wireless store, chances are you’ve seen Jeff’s work.

As the Customer Operations Manager Manager, Jeff — with the help of his team — oversees all the stores, authorized agents, and marketing activities.

Jeff, who’s been in the wireless industry since 2001, likes that there is always something new — new technology, new products, new services.

Coming from a larger company, Jeff joined the United team in 2007.

“It’s more personal,” he says of working at United. “I feel a more personal relationship with our customers. They’re not just a number. And I’m proud to work for a company that is willing to go the extra mile to take care of our customers’ needs.”

That personal touch is something Jeff knows a lot about. He grew up on a farm in Northwest Kansas and graduated from 8th grade in a class of three. (Yes, three.) When Jeff moved to Dodge City to attend Dodge City Community College, he ended up staying.

“It’s big enough to have some conveniences, but small enough that it still has a small-town feel,” he says.

Jeff stays active in the community by volunteering as a Coach for Rec League Football and he is currently serving as the Treasurer for the Dodge City Chamber of Commerce. Before that he served on the Board of Directors for The Depot Theater Company.