Whether it's connecting to the Internet to shop or catch up on social media, streaming your favorite TV shows or playing online games, United Wireless has you covered. We offer Internet plans with different speed levels and flexibility to meet all your needs!

Monthly Charges & Router Prices

You may be eligible to receive discounts off your monthly bill through the lifeline services. Click Here for more information.

Which plan is right for me?

Typical Usage

(1024 KB = 1 MB • 1024 MB = 1 GB) 

The above are estimates only of typical web activities.  Figures are estimates only and are based on monthly usage.

  • All plans have 4G download speeds. There are no overages; plans are restrained to lower speeds when they reach their data limit.
  • You must stay on the same plan for 3 months before going down to a lower plan. You may go up to a higher plan at any time.
  • If you fall within the top 2% volume usage during peak periods, United reserves the right to apply its Net Neutrality Policy on the Unlimited Plans in order to manage congestion.
  • Two-year contract required. Certain restrictions apply. See your local retail store or agent for details or call us at 1-888-303-0083 for more information.