Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung A52 Black 128 GB


/mo. with contract or
full retail price

The Samsung Galaxy J3 does everything you love and still fits your budget. Enjoy all your photos and videos on a vibrant 5.0" HD display. The Samsung Galaxy J3 has everything you need to do exactly what you want with the optional Easy Mode layout.  Its easy to stay connected with the Samsung Galaxy J3


  • Tiempo de conversación: 23 horas

  • Tiempo de espera: N/A

  • Pantalla interna: N/A

  • Pantalla externa: 5.0"

  • Audífono: N/A


  • Smartphone 4G/LTE Android
  • Pantalla multitáctil de 5.0”
  • Procesador Snapdragon Qualcomm a 1.4 GHz
  • Cámara de 16 MP