Where the...

By John DehnJune 20, 2016

Where the heck did you find that app?!?

Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish they had an app for this or that," and then spent an hour here or an hour there searching and seeking for that app?  Have you wondered how your teenagers (or even their younger siblings) know about the best and coolest apps before anyone else in the family?  Well, I found an app I think you'll love.

It's called Product Hunt.  You can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Andriod Play Store for FREE.  I must say it's one of the most useful apps I have on my phone.

So, what does this app do?  It's very simple.  They have friends and family just like most of us, who are always looking for and seeking out the hottest, most useful apps.  The app has become so popular that app developers have used them to "soft" launch apps they've worked on and get some instant feedback on use and practical technical questions.  So, what Product Hunt has become is, the "one app to (rule them all - little LOTR reference there)" to tell them all.

Product Hunt displays, on a regular basis, apps that are either in the works and seeking development input, or, are the actual finished product.  Product Hunt seems to have and "insiders" view of the app world and they "HUNT" apps that are fun and interesting as well as useful and developing.

For example: One of their apps reviewed was called "Fetch," an app designed for dog lovers.  Simply open the app and take a picture of the dog, and the app will tell you what kind of dog it is, along with a breakdown of other "breeds" the dog might have mixed in (click here for The Fetch Website/App).  Useful, huh!  I want an app like that to identify spiders I can take a picture of before I dispatch them with my shoe. 

Product Hunt (click here for the Product Hunt Website/App) will introduce apps like the addictive game Correct Side or programmer/developer apps that help designers expedite or track their progress on projects and teams.  Each week, you'll get to see new apps being developed or completed apps that are launching for downloads.  It also enables the cool factor of being able to tell your kids about the new game (remember Candy Crush anyone...) that's taking over the app world.

Give Product Hunt a chance (click HERE) and see what App you might fall in love with.  Please remember to follow us on Twitter @UnitedWireless and Like Us on Facebook www.facebook.com/UnitedWireless