Emergency Alerts on your Wireless Device

By Tim LaneDecember 10, 2015

Wireless Emergency Alerts

At United Wireless we care about your safety.  Disasters can strike anywhere and at anytime.  Formerly called CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are provided by United Wireless to inform anyone using our network with WEA-enabled devices of possible dangerous situations.  Depending on the situation, you may receive three different kinds of alerts.

  • Presidential Alerts – Alerts issued by the President of the United States.
  • Imminent Threat Alerts – Threats involving safety, man-made or natural disasters.
  • AMBER Alerts – Situations involving a child abduction.

Emergency alerts are sent to a wireless device as what looks like a text message.  Though they appear as a text message these alerts are different in the way they are delivered to your device.  These messages are sent immediately and are not subject to congestion or delay on the network.  Wireless Emergency Alerts will only be sent to a targeted area where the threat is taking place.  AMBER alerts however, are statewide.

When the alert is sent, it is distinguished by a unique notification sound and vibration so all customers, including people with disabilities can be aware of the threat.

Before customers receive alerts to their wireless device, FEMA must authorize the federal, state, and local public safety agencies.  Once authorized, FEMA takes the alert and transmits the alert to wireless providers that participate in WEA.

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If you have any questions about WEA, please contact us.  We are always happy to help answer your questions.  We take safety seriously at United Wireless and we are proud to participate in WEA.